UK and International Commercial Lawyers

As well as providing a full range of business legal services to support the commercial, corporate and employment law needs of our UK clients, our international client base has given us an excellent platform from which to develop our expertise in both inward investment for international clients setting up or buying businesses in the UK and global expansion for UK clients wishing to export their goods and services to the rest of the world.

As part of the IR Global Network, we have excellent relationships with lawyers in almost every key jurisdiction in the world, who also respect our ethics of excellent client service at an affordable price, and who we are happy to involve in the provision of services to our clients, either directly without our involvement or with Mirkwood Evans Vincent liaising with our IR Global colleagues on our client’s behalf.

Whilst we have acted historically for a number of large international clients with business interests in the UK, we have also developed a practice of which we are justifiably proud, supporting the business legal needs of small and medium enterprise (“SME”) clients, including in the provision of dedicated support to help our clients to respond effectively to competitive tenders for the provision of goods and services to UK and international public authority and large corporates enterprises.

We are able to provide high quality assistance with the preparation of tender responses, which may not be available in-house to smaller companies, as well as providing highly experienced legal negotiating support when our clients are shortlisted to enter into contract negotiations to provide services to these major corporate and public authority customers.

Our legal services to our clients of all sizes includes ensuring that they have high quality standard terms of business in place, and that we have supported them to develop policies and compliance procedures to address matters of principal concern to them and to their key target customers, including:

  • Anti-bribery monitoring
  • The removal of modern slavery from the supply chain
  • Compliance with data protection law, including GDPR
  • Managing transfers of employee undertakings
  • Good recruitment procedures to support diversity
  • Practical and workable procedures to address dispute resolution and employee grievances
  • Managing transfer of employees under UK and European transfer of undertaking provisions.

We are also experienced in proposing customised solutions to raise finance to help our clients to grow.

We recently provided legal support to a client to raise US$2M using crowdfunding, providing what we believe to have been innovative advice on strategy and approach, preparing the investment memorandum and shareholder rights documentation in a way which gave some limited rights to the crowd funding shareholders to bring a minority shareholder action if they felt that the company was not being run properly, thereby encouraging a different class of investor from most other crowd funding opportunities.

The concept was to attract medium net worth individuals interested in watching a business grow.

The approach achieved a successful outcome for our client in terms of raising the required finances, and had the added advantage of providing a network of individual investors with relevant business experience from their own careers to help our client move its business forward to the next level.

Our historical expertise in technology law also enables us to advise clients on how technology can be used to support their businesses, including in the use of digital ledger technology to manage supply chains and compliance procedures; and smart contracts to ensure that key contract triggers result in the need for particular actions being notified to the right people in our clients’ organisations.

We invite you to contact our Senior Partner at to see if our legal services can help your business to secure the business opportunities which will help it to survive and thrive in the increasingly turbulent business landscape in which all businesses find themselves, and to do this at what our clients tell us are highly competitive rates.

What our clients say

“I have been consistently impressed by the practical can-do approach of Katherine Evans and the wider team at Mirkwood Evans Vincent. As well as having excellent legal minds, they also have a good working knowledge of our business and its drivers, so their work for us adds both good commercial and legal value.”
CEO, UK Broadband Limited

“Katherine Evans is very responsive and sensitive to the commercial realities that drive our business. She acts as a virtual team member who understands our business and takes a sensible and cost effective approach to providing legal support. I am very comfortable putting our business teams in her hands.”
Chief Legal Counsel, PCCW Global

“I have worked with Katherine Evans for over ten years now and cannot say enough about the outstanding quality of the advice as well as the excellent contractual products we have received. I highly recommend Mirkwood Evans Vincent to any business technology clients.”
CEO Chammas Group of Companies

“I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine Evans for about ten years now. Her tremendous legal experience in the ICT field is second to none and has definitely contributed to the success of our concluding major ICT agreements with large telecom operators, service providers and other ICT players in the Middle East and Africa.”
Co-Founder and CFO, ForeLogix SAL (Offshore)