Legal Advice for
Landlords & Tenants

Acquiring the right site for your premises or adding to a portfolio of properties is only the beginning for most landlords. Giving accurate legal advice to landlords is paramount to ensure that any commercial property asset maintains its value.

We have a highly trained staff of property solicitors who can assist in evaluating existing legal obligations under a lease and also liaise with existing tenants to ensure effective property management. We act for investors who have portfolios of properties and handle their property interests across the board from lease renewals, to assignments and alterations.

We also offer legal advice for tenants. These can be companies who take large quantities of commercial space and want these acquisitions managed in a fast and effective manner.

For the clients seeking to lease a premises for their own business making sure the terms are favourable and set out precisely is essential. We provide clear and practical advice on taking a lease and the obligations under it. If the need arises this will extend to Licences to Alter or Licences to Assign as a client’s business grows and changes.