Dispute Resolution

From time to time, businesses inevitably find themselves in situations where they need the support of our commercial dispute resolution team.

Our business focused team of dispute resolution experts will take the time to understand all commercial and technical aspects of the dispute before advising on a business focused and commercially realistic way forward.

Experience tells us that where the right team of commercial dispute resolution lawyers becomes involved in a dispute early on, demonstrating an in depth understanding of the background to a dispute and the resulting business and legal issues, the greater the likelihood that the other side will seek a commercially negotiated settlement rather than allow matters to escalate towards a litigation or arbitration before all avenues for commercial dispute resolution have been explored.

In ninety-five cases out of a hundred, this approach pays dividends for our clients, who achieve a commercial resolution of a dispute whilst avoiding the inevitable financial uncertainties associated with litigation or arbitration.

In that five percent of cases where dispute resolution is not an option for whatever reason, our clients can be reassured that we will stay focused at all times on achieving the most commercially beneficial outcome for our clients.